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making art to research my Anglo-Indian heritage

An article written by Michelle for the International Journal of Anglo Indian StudiesIn this text, Michelle explores three themes which have surfaced and recurred in her art practice: the representation of mixed-race people, the presence of the colonial past in the neo-colonial present, and how she understands her family history. Her intention is to open a critical dialogue with others about the representation of mixed-race people. 

Read the article here

What can social scientists know from art and how?
by Cathy Wilcock

A workshop hosted collaboratively by the University of Manchester and the ISS sought to determine what knowledge can be derived from artistic work by asking ‘what can social scientists know from art and how?’ The workshop aimed to start conversations between those who make art and those who engage with art in their social science research. This blog article by ISS postdoctoral researcher Cathy Wilcock includes verbal and written reflections of the workshop proceedings and outcomes. Read the article here

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